2019 Call for Application on "Silk Road" Scholarship for International Students

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General Conditions for Applicants

International students enrolled since 2017 and from the countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (the Belt and Road), who are law-abiding, excellent in both morality and academics, have accomplished outstanding achievements in scientific research and technological innovation, can apply for this scholarship.

Bonus and Quota Allocation

1. The first-class scholarship is worth 4,000 RMB/person, and the quota is 4: including 2 from LTO, 1 from LMB, and 1 from OMG.

2. The second-class scholarship is worth 3,000 RMB/person, and the quota is 10: including 5 from LTO, 3 from LMB, and 2 from OMG.

Review Process

1. The applicants should submit the application materials for the “Silk Road” Scholarship to the laboratory secretary;

2. Each key laboratory organizes a preliminary review and submits the list of candidates;

3. The “Silk Road” Scholarship Committee of the South China Sea Institute of Oceanography performs the final review.

Application Materials

1. Paper materials: The “Silk Road” Scholarship for International Students Application Form of SCSIO, CAS and related certification materials as required;

2. Electronic Materials: International Student Information Form;

3. Relevant certification materials refer to the proof of scientific research results obtained during the academic year, such as the cover of the journal containing the published article and the article homepage or the receipt of the article; the first name of the article must be South China Sea Institute of Oceanology CAS, and also with the name of UCAS.

Additional Information:

Application deadline and other problems, please contact the laboratory secretary:

LTO:  XING Yalin  (xingyl@scsio.ac.cn, 89025313)

LMB:  ZHU Hanning  (zhn@scsio.ac.cn, 89024567)

OMG:  LI Shu  (msg@scsio.ac.cn, 89021175)


1.Application Form for The Silk Road Fellowship of SCSIO

2.International Student Information Form


The Department of Graduate Student Education, SCSIO

YANG Min (minyang@scsio.ac.cn, 89449312)