Notice for 2019 Master Graduate Students Thesis/Dissertation Proposal and Interim Report

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According to the graduate programthe Master graduate students enrolled in 2018 should finish the thesis proposal, and students enrolled in 2017 should finish the mid-term evaluation by December 5, 2019. The details are hereby notified as follows:

Evaluation Contents

1. Thesis proposal should be including:


  •       The background and significance of the topic;
  •       Latest development and trends in this discipline at home and abroad;
  •       Main content and expected outcomes of the research;
  •       Approach, research methods, experiment plans and their feasibility;
  •       Existing research foundations and requirements for research;
  •       Work plan including time table;
  •       List of references.


2. Interim report should be including:


  •       Progress of the dissertation, existing problems, results and findings obtained;
  •       The following work plan and details, expected time for dissertation defense;
  •       List of research achievements (academic papers published or under review, patent, etc.).


Evaluation Methods


  •       Take the key laboratory as unit, and divided into major disciplines, centralized and public defense.
  •        The defense must be attended by himself, not others. All tutors whose students participate in assessment must attend defense meeting.
  •        The thesis proposal and interim report of master students are 8 minutes and 10 minutes, respectively; Doctoral thesis proposal and interim report are 10 minutes and 12 minutes, respectively.
  •        If the thesis involves secrets, an application shall be submitted before the thesis proposal. After being approved as a classified thesis, the thesis proposal and the mid-term thesis proposal shall not participate in public defense.


Evaluation Result

The evaluation shall be scored according to the hundred-mark system (80 points and above are passed), and marked as excellent, good, qualified and unqualified according to the score level, among which the proportion of excellent, good and qualified is 3:4:3.


1. UCAS Student Education System


  •        Students upload the report and submit to the supervisor (inform the supervisor after submission) before November 3, 24:00 in the Student Education System (Training and Guide- Academic Paper- Thesis Proposal/ Mid-term Evaluation);
  •        Supervisor should complete the review and submit to the institute before November 8, 17:00.


2. Paper Materials


  •        After the submission of supervisor, students download and print the registration form and report (two documents), which should be signed by supervisor. (Please adjust the format before print, and the Attachment 3 show Chinese-English version)
  •        Submit the paper materials (registration form and report) and PPT to the laboratory secretariat according to the deadline required by the notice of each key laboratory.




  •        Students who can’t attend the defense because of put out to sea or on business trip, should apply to the key laboratory (Attachment 2 application form ) in advance. After the consent of key laboratory, hand in the form to the laboratory secretary. Apply the defense as soon as possible according to the scheduling after back to institute.
  •        For those who cannot participate in the evaluation abroad for a long time due to the research needs, with the approval of the supervisor of the institute, they can apply for the thesis proposal / mid-term evaluation organized by the cooperative tutor, and submit relevant evaluation materials to the graduate department for record according to the requirements of this notice.
  •        Since the tutor is an employee of a foreign unit, but not in Guangzhou area, the graduate student may apply for the thesis proposal/mid-term assessment organized by the tutor in his/her unit, and submit relevant evaluation materials to the graduate department for record according to the requirements of this notice.
  •        For students in other grades who need to make up the thesis proposal or mid-term evaluation, please register with the laboratory secretary according to the time arrangement of the key laboratory.
  •        According to the regulations, the thesis proposal and the mid-term should be separated by half a year, and the mid-term and graduation should be separated by half a year, otherwise the thesis oral defense cannot be done.


    Contact Laboratory Secretary:

 LTO:  XING Yalin (, 89025313)

 LMB:  ZHU Hanning (, 89024567)

 OMG:  LI Shu (, 89021175)

 Graduate Student Education Department, YANG Min (, 89449312)


Attachment 1 2019年硕士开题中期名单汇总-Name List

Attachment 2 中国科学院南海海洋研究所提前_延迟参加研究生开题、中期考核申请表-Application Form for extension defense

Attachment 3 登记表和报告模板-Template for Registration Form and Repot