2020 Call for Application on "Silk Road" Scholarship for International Students

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  General Conditions for Applicants

  International students enrolled in 2018 and 2019, from the countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road (the Belt and Road), who are law-abiding, excellent in both morality and academics, have accomplished outstanding achievements in scientific research and technological innovation, can apply for this scholarship.

  Bonus and Quota Allocation

  1. The first-class scholarship is worth 4,000 RMB/person, and the quota is 4: including 2 from LTO, 1 from LMB, and 1 from OMG.

  2. The second-class scholarship is worth 3,000 RMB/person, and the quota is 7: including 3 from LTO, 3 from LMB, and 1 from OMG.

  Review Process

  1. The applicants should submit the application materials for the “Silk Road” Scholarship to the laboratory secretary;

  2. Each key laboratory organizes a preliminary review and submits the list of candidates;

  3. The “Silk Road” Scholarship Committee of the South China Sea Institute of Oceanography performs the final review.

  Application Materials

  1. Electronic Materials (PDF): The “Silk Road” Scholarship for International Students Application Form of SCSIO, CAS;

  2. Electronic Materials (Excel): International Student Information Form;

  3. Electronic supporting Materials (PDF):

  1) The copy of Transcript issued by UCAS College/CAS Institute;

  2) Photocopies of the cover of the journal containing the published article, and the article homepage or the receipt of the article during study at UCAS;

  3) Photocopies of Certificates of Honor;

  4) Other supporting materials.


  1)The supporting materials must be achieved during the academic year 2019.12-2020.11.

  2) Scientific research article or result should relate to your research direction and defense thesis/dissertation;

  3) The first name of the article must be South China Sea Institute of Oceanology CAS, and also with the name of UCAS;

  4) Give the first page of your article, the cover of the journal; or the receipt of the article with the signature of your supervisor.

  Application deadline and other problems, please contact the laboratory secretary:

  LTO:XING Yalin (xingyl@scsio.ac.cn, 89025313)

  LMB:ZHU Hanning (zhn@scsio.ac.cn, 89024567)

  OMG:LIU Jiuling (liujiuling @scsio.ac.cn, 89021710)

  The Department of Graduate Student Education, SCSIO

  YANG Min (minyang@scsio.ac.cn, 89449312)


 1.Application Form for The Silk Road Fellowship of SCSIO

 2.International Student Information Form