Notice for Visa Extension and Health Insurance Renewal(关于做好2019年夏季批次国际学生居留许可延期及医保续保工作的通知)

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  Please be noted that, the extension of residence permit is generally given once a year, and each extension shall not exceed a maximum of 12 months. From this year, application for residence permit extension should be submitted in May 1st 2019 to May 20th 2019 (submitted to institute before May 15th 2019) if you are in the following cases:

  1.Host institute/college is in Beijing, and residence permit will expire before 30th November, 2019.

  2.Host institute/college is outside Beijing and your initial JW202 form will expire before 30th November, 2019.

  Those whose residence permits and JW202 form will expire after Dec. 1st 2019 should submit their extension application in Nov. 1st 2019 to Nov. 20th 2019.

  If you are currently studying in Beijing but your host institute is outside Beijing, you should submit extension application to local exit-entry administration bureau with the help of your host institute.

  If for some reason (e.g. passport change, leaving China, school suspension) you cannot extend your residence permit in the required duration, you may ask for early or delaying application with the approval of your host institute.

  The following documents for residence permit extension are required to submit to your host institute:

  A. Photocopy of ID Page of Passport;

  B. Photocopy of Residence Permit Page;

  C. Photocopy of the Last Entry (to China) Seal Page on Passport;

  D. Photocopy of Accommodation Registration Form issued by local police station;

  E. Application Form for Study Duration/Residence Permit Extension/Alteration approved by supervisor and stamped by institute/college (Attachment 1);

  F. For self-supporting student, please attach the Paying Certificate of Tuition Fee, as well as a notarized hardcopy of Bank Statement (indicating the latest account balance) or a notarized hardcopy of the Affidavit of Support and a Bank Statement from the guarantor;

  G. For students who are in the following situations, please provide a hard copy of Certificate of Financial Support for living expense in the visa extension period, and also a buying certificate of Ping An Insurance:

      1. CAS-TWAS Fellowship awardee runs out of the 4th year sponsorship;

      2. UCAS Scholarship awardee runs out of the last year sponsorship;

      3. CSC Scholarship awardee runs out of the last year sponsorship;

      4. B&R Scholarship awardee runs out of the last year sponsorship;

      5. Self-supporting students and students who get supported by resources other than the above-mentioned scholarship programs.

  Those students are required to renew insurance by themselves. For the premium payment method, please refer to the attachment 2. If you failed to log in with your current passport number, please try again with the previous one. New insurance period should cover the validity period of the residence permit being applied now. No extension of residence permit will be granted unless the insurance is properly renewed.

  In order to avoid any delay of your extension, please carefully read and strictly follow the instructions of the Application Form for Study Duration/Residence Permit Extension/Alteration to prepare your materials. They will be preliminarily reviewed by host institute and then submitted to the International Students Office (hereafter as ISO) for final review. A document with the ISO stamp for your application to local visa office will be will be posted to your host institute where applicants may go for collection. It usually takes 10-15 working days for the ISO to process if all the documents are prepared as required.

  For more details, please refer to the attachment 3.


Attachment 1 Application Form for Study DurationResidence Permit Extension Alteration

Attachment 2 Instructions of Payment for Insurance Premium(new)

Attachment 3 FAQ about Visa Extension and Health Insurance Renewal


                                                                                                                                                                                          International Students Office, UCAS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    April 25th, 2019